Shrouder Header Box Header IDC Socket

Shrouded Headers are pin header with plastic guide box. They are also known as box header and are usually used with insulation displacement connectors for ribbon cables. These headers are also known as male connectors having pins surrounded by plastic guide walls that are moulded on hard plastic base. Shrouded headers are commonly used in the mother board of personal computers. The pin separation may vary from 2mm to 2.5 mm and can be easy to connect with female connectors of same configuration. There are different materials used for the manufacturing of these pin headers like for contact material (brass and copper alloy), plating material (gold and nickel) and insulator material (Nylon 6T and liquid crystal polymer).

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Price: 05 INR/Piece

Contact Resistance : 30m max. at DC 100 MA Insulator Resistance : 1000M max. at DC 500V Current Rating : 1AMP


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