Terminal Block
Terminal Blocks are modular blocks that are used to securely connects to or more electric wires. The external body of these blocks are made up of insulators inside which there are various channels fitted with metal strips. These are used in various power control and electronic systems. 
Screw Machine Pin IC Socket PFA PGA Socket
IC, PFA & PGA Socket are considered as IC packagings and are used to easily connect and disconnect the integrated chips without the use of soldering iron. They find its application in various electronic circuits. 
Shrouder Header Box Header IDC Socket
Shrouded Header are also known as box header are male connectors with a plastic guide box. These are normally used in conjunction with insulation displacement connectors and are popular in electronics applications. 
DIP Plug Connector FPC - FFC Connector
DIP, FPC & FFC Connector are electronic equipments used in various circuits for flexible and tight connections. These are high density flexible connection cables designed for automated assemblies. 
Switch Series
The provided Switch Series consist of various high quality switches that can bear high temperature. Switches are the most important part of an electronic circuit as they allow the flow of current in a circuit to make them active. Buy these high quality switches from us in bulk.
D SUB Hoods Series
D Sub Hood Series consists of various robust and rigid hoods that helps to protect the connectors and cables. These can be used in various industries like electronics, electrical and mechanical.
DIN 41612 USB and Micro Jack Connector
USB Connectors are ports that helps to connect computer and peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse and pen drive. They are available in various types like type A, type B and mini.
RJ and PCB Jack Connector
RJ Connectors are also known as registered jack connectors to connect various network cables such as telephone and computer network cable. These connectors are classified as per the number of positions and conductors and are available in round and square types.    

Bread Board Series
Bread Board Series consists of various high quality bread boards which are used as temporary test circuits. They are availed in various configurations according to the positions (between 270 to 1540).
Industrial Electronic Components
Industrial Electronic Components are the elements that are used to form various electronic circuits. These are used in many industries such as aviation, automation, telecommunication, medical and health-care.

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